Pilonidal Sinus

Pilonidal sinus is a common disorder that frequently affects young patients. Whilst there are many theories as to the formation of pilonidal sinuses, most commonly it is believed to arise from hairs working their way through the skin at the top of the natal cleft (buttock cheeks) allowing bacteria to become trapped alongside them and hence allowing recurrent infections. It often presents with an acute infection, known as a “pilonidal abscess” which will commonly require drainage and antibiotic treatment.

There is no good medical treatment for a pilonidal sinus and most of them will require surgical excision. Mr Eugene Ong trained with Mr Paul Kitchen at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, who was a pioneer of the “Karydakis procedure”. This procedure is associated with very good results with a very low recurrence rate. Mr Eugene Ong can advise you of this or other appropriate procedures to treat your pilonidal sinus.