Colonoscopy is a safe and effective procedure where a flexible camera is guided through the large bowel. It is used to examine the inside of the bowel for a number of reasons. Some of the reasons to have a colonoscopy are to investigate bleeding from the back passage, a change in bowel habit, to rule out cancerous or pre-cancerous growths and to follow-up or investigate other diseases such as diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease. Depending on what is found, polyps can be removed or samples taken from the inside of the colon. Advanced colonoscopic techniques such as Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (\"EMR\"), insertion of colonoscopic stents to relieve osbtruction, or procedures to control bleeding can be performed by expert endoscopists


Mr Eugene Ong has trained in and performs the above advanced colonoscopic techniques. In addition, he is also able to manage problems that cannot be treated effectively or safely through the colonoscope. He is recognised by the GastroEnterological Society of Australia (GESA) as an endoscopist and also acts as a supervisor for training.

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