Pelvic Floor Clinic

Information for patients undergoing Pelvic Floor investigations at Melbourne Colorectal Specialists

Your Pelvic Floor Investigations have been organised with the Pelvic Floor Investigation Unit at Melbourne Colorectal Specialists. This sheet provides information regarding the investigations that have been organised

What happens?

The investigations consist of two main procedures, “endoanal ultrasound” and “anal manometry”. They involve insertion of a probe approximately the size of a finger. It is not usually painful, but can be uncomfortable/unpleasant, similar to having an internal examination. The procedures usually take less than 15 minutes in total, however your total time in the office will be approximately 30 minutes.

What are they?

Endoanal ultrasound

A specialised 360 degree ultrasound probe is used to assess the integrity of the anal canal, including assessment of the sphincter structure and the lining of the anus.

Anal manometry

A pressure sensor in the anal canal is used to assess the strength of your muscles. You will be asked to perform various manoeuvres (rest, squeeze, strain and cough), as well as have your sensation and reflexes assessed.

Is there any preparation required?

These investigations are easier to perform with an empty rectum and it is preferable if you try to open your bowels just prior to the appointment. Otherwise, there is no preparation required or dietary restrictions, and no limitations on what you can do after the investigations.

Please let the staff know if you have limited mobility. Unfortunately, we do not have access to a hoist or aides to help move patients on and off the examining table and patients will be required to negotiate 2 steps on and off the examining table independently.

Please let the staff know if you have limited/no English. We do not have an interpreter service available and it is preferable if you can bring someone who can interpret for you.

Are there any risks?

These investigations are extremely safe. There is a theoretical risk of bleeding and trauma to the rectum, however this is exceedingly low.

What happens after my tests?

The data from the investigations are examined and a report is generated and sent back to your referring doctor. You should contact your referring doctor and make an appointment if you do not have one already. If you have been referred from the clinic at St Vincent’s hospital, please contact the clinic for a follow-up appointment if necessary.

Is there a cost involved?

You will only be charged for the cost of the disposable equipment. This amounts to $150 at the time of writing. The procedure itself is bulk billed to Medicare. You will need to bring your Medicare card. As it is an “outpatient” procedure, it is not covered by your private health insurance. If you are not Medicare eligible (eg. an overseas patient), then there will be an additional cost involved.

Location, how to get here and Contact details

The tests are carried out in the office of “Melbourne Colorectal Specialists”, Level 2, Healy Wing, 41 Victoria Parade, Fitzroy VIC 3065 (St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne). Entry is off Victoria Parade. Look for the blue signs saying “Healy Wing” and then follow the signs to “Melbourne Colorectal Specialists” on Level 2.

There is parking available in the hospital (entry off Fitzroy Street). St Vincent’s hospital is well connected with train, tram and bus services.

Phone number: (03) 9411-0300

Fax: (03) 9411-0301