Weight Loss Prior To Surgery

Depending on the surgery you are undergoing and your weight (more accurately, your Body Mass Index – BMI for short), Mr Eugene Ong may recommend that you undertake some intensive weight loss prior to surgery. Whilst it is ideal to undertake a weight loss program incorporating diet and exercise under supervision by your GP, in some situations, an intensive weight loss program, such as Optifast, may be beneficial to your surgical outcome and recovery.

The Optifast pre-operative weight loss program is designed for bariatric surgery and generally runs over 12 weeks, however for most colorectal surgery this is not feasible and a period of 4 weeks is adequate.

For further information on Optifast® VLCD™: Pre-operative Weight Loss Protocol, please download the patient information pamphlet here.

Mr Eugene Ong is able to refer you to an experienced dietitian for further information if required.